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Welcome to the Future of PR & Marketing!

You have a great corporate story to tell to the media.  Which media are you going to tell?  With today’s advances in communication technology news is broadcast across social media channels, such as Twitter, YouTube and the blogosphere just the same as it is broadcast to TV, radio, magazines, and newspapers.

Your Public Relations can’t exist as a news release alone anymore.PR must be fully integrated across all media.  If you can’t, you will miss out on reaching over half of your intended audience.  Don’t worry.  We are here to help. 

Sterling Cross Communications is a fully integrated media provider that can take your traditional story and tell it with today’s technology.  We make it possible for you to reach your intended audience on the format of media where they receive their news.

Traditional Storytelling integrating
today’s technologies

Social Media, Mobile Marketing, QR codes, Mobile Applications, Location based social media, Augmented Reality, Social Gaming - all forms of emerging marketing tools, that still have one underlying precept. they are still communication tools that rely on your business being able to tell a great story!

What can we do for your business?