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Standard Heating & Air Conditioning


Standard Heating & Air Conditioning engaged Sterling Cross Communications to conduct an in depth review of the state of their online reputation. They desired a baseline understanding and starting point for a new Marketing Manager coming on board. Where possible, Sterling Cross was to investigate potentially fraudulent complaints, complaints that may qualify to be removed, complaints that may require response and reaction from management and legal if need be, and to create a process and manual for their own staff to manage and respond to issues in the future.


Many comments were very dated and were being aggregated to several sites, making it appear if there were many complaints rather than a half a dozen or so that needed to be addressed.

Solutions Implemented

Sterling Cross was able to complete the full audit of their online reputation issues and in the process discovered that several comments originated from multiple sites, under multiple names, but were tied to one ISP address. It was determined those comments qualified to be removed by the sites they were posted to as they originated from one disgruntled person who was identified as a potential employee that had been terminated earlier that same day of the postings. All of the comments have been removed and/are currently being removed by the sites they were posted on.

Services Provided for Client

  • Social Media
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Education & Training

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Social Media, Mobile Marketing, QR codes, Mobile Applications, Location based social media, Augmented Reality, Social Gaming - all forms of emerging marketing tools, that still have one underlying precept. they are still communication tools that rely on your business being able to tell a great story!

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