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Park Vue Inn


The Client had a very dated website; it appeared as though it hadn’t been touched since the 1980’s. This property is the founding and showpiece property for Scalzo Hospitality, and need a brand and website refresh that would reflect that. They are also the closest Hotel Property located across from the Main Gates to Disneyland in Anaheim, CA. yet they are not a Disney Owned Property.

A new Brand and design was created to be cleaner, yet to also incorporate some of the “Disney Magic.” The Hotel is a strategic marketing partner of the Park yet, was not leveraging the available artwork and logos available from Disney. Sterling Cross’s Web Team was able to work with Disney to create a site that met not only with Disney’s brand standards but had their approval as well.
The Hotel had a small Facebook and nonexistent Twitter platform, yet thousands of fans were discussing the Hotel across several social media channels. Sterling Cross built a robust Facebook page for these fans to have a home and quickly grew the fan base to over 3000 Likes by September of 2011 (the most for any non-owned Disney Hotel in the area) when the company took over social media to be run in house.  

Services Provided for Client

  • Social Media
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Web & Print Design
  • Education & Training

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Social Media, Mobile Marketing, QR codes, Mobile Applications, Location based social media, Augmented Reality, Social Gaming - all forms of emerging marketing tools, that still have one underlying precept. they are still communication tools that rely on your business being able to tell a great story!

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