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Parsec Labs LLC


Parsec Labs was funded by a venture capital firm that specialized in telecommunications start ups. Parsec was founded by Walter Angerer, who brings over 20 years experience in the industry. After competitive analysis of the industry in 2013, Angerer found a sweet spot in the industry that could benefit from innovation from a flexible and robust cloud based storage for small to mid-sized business.  


Their target audience was a narrowly defined niche of an in-house IT professional that was usually a department of one person, that was responsible for storage and backup solutions.  The Influencers for the decision makers were industry print and online publications, that they regularly consumed. The Industry Analysts and the company write ups they issued to the industry were weighed heavily when buying decisions were made for new hardware. 

Solutions Implemented

Parsec hired Sterling Cross to launch the company and their new product launch via traditional media and an Influencer campaign.  The traditional media list included  business publications such as the Wall Street Journal telecommunications blog, as well as niche industry trades like the Orange County Business Journal.  A list of analyst influencers were identified and targeted with custom pitches with the goal of informational interview calls with the CEO. 

Success was achieved with both target audiences.  Crossover coverage was achieved with Minnesota Business Magazine with news of the local business launch news accompanied by the coverage of industry trade CRN that named Parsec Labs in their list of the 10 coolest storage startups of 2013.  The launch of their signature product and service resulted in interest and write ups by six industry publications and one analyst asked to have the hardware sent so they could test and produce a product analysis.  

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