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Sterling Cross Hotel, Retail, & Luxury Goods ClientsPushed to the edge of Marketing by tech savvy travelers, Hotels have lead the way in leveraging online sales and booking tools. Less and less people book their travel through brochures, agents, and 1-800-Your-Hotel phone numbers.  The Hotel and travel industry lives and dies by it's online presence and reputation when battling for limited travel dollars. The gain or loss of just one rating point can push revenues through the roof or into the basement. Social Media and Digital Marketing services from Sterling Cross Communications can help on this front.
With our depth of experience in Hospitality, Sterling Cross Communications has also been named & endorsed by the MN Lodging Association and the MN Resort & Campground Association as the preferred Agency for PR & Marketing.
With over 17 years of Retail Marketing experience, Sterling Cross has also focused on working with retail clients.  We're the firm that is helping venues in size from Small Boutiques, to Big Box Retail and Malls.

Specialized Hotel, Retail, & Luxury Good Marketing & PR Services

Complete Website & Social Media Presence Mobile App & Website Creation
Loyalty, Reward, & Gift Card Programs Photo & Video Production
New Location, Product Launch, or Renovation Campaigns   Media Training for Staff
Monitoring, Clean Up & Responding to Online Reviews Media Appearances for Staff
Event & Event Space Promotion Virtual Tours
Sales & Limited Edition Promotion Franchise Marketing


Traditional Storytelling integrating
today’s technologies

Social Media, Mobile Marketing, QR codes, Mobile Applications, Location based social media, Augmented Reality, Social Gaming - all forms of emerging marketing tools, that still have one underlying precept. they are still communication tools that rely on your business being able to tell a great story!

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