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Restaurants, Hospitality, and Gourmet Food & Wine clients have the luxury of having several great stories to tell the media and your audience. Stories about your process, philosophy, chefs, recipes, products, menus, and any seasonality that brings about new items are great to tell to your audience.

Sterling Cross Communications has over 16 years of telling these stories on behalf of our clients. We also have 10 years of working in the Hospitality Industry, which gives us particular insight as to the challenges restaurateurs face when promoting a restaurant or food product.
In the best of times, it’s hard to promote a restaurant.  With labor and food costs constantly battling to take the lead as your primary concern, you need systems and tools that can give you the greatest return on your investment of dollars and time. Social Media are emerging tools that fit that bill.
Sterling Cross Communications has been named and endorsed by Hospitality Minnesota as the premier PR & Marketing Agency for the Minnesota Restaurant Association. We are founding members of the Hospitality Edge Service Providers Group.

We work with a complete range of clients: chefs, independent restaurants, restaurant chains, catering, food retail, food-related charities, liquor, food & beverage products, and food services.


Specialized Restaurant Marketing & PR Services:

Complete Website & Social Media Presence New Location, Menu, or Concept Launch Announcements
Mobile Apps & Websites Media Training for Chefs & Staff
Marketing Plans Media Appearances for Chefs & Staff
Loyalty, Reward, & Gift Card Programs Franchise Promotion & Marketing
Monitoring & Responding to Reviews Contests & Promotions
Events & Event Space Promotion Grand Opening Events & launch Parties


Traditional Storytelling integrating
today’s technologies

Social Media, Mobile Marketing, QR codes, Mobile Applications, Location based social media, Augmented Reality, Social Gaming - all forms of emerging marketing tools, that still have one underlying precept. they are still communication tools that rely on your business being able to tell a great story!

What can we do for your business?