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Parsec Labs LLC Launches Customer Alpha Program Providing Total Network Attached Storage (NAS) Management Service

April 14, 2014
Parsec Labs LLC Launches Customer Alpha Program Providing Total Network Attached Storage (NAS) Management Service


Minneapolis, MN - Walter Angerer, CEO of Parsec Labs LLC, announced today they have identified a select national group of small and midsized businesses that will engage in an Alpha Program to test and evaluate the inaugural NAS optimization product, the Parsec HyperQ. The company has a planned full product launch in Q3 of 2014. 
Parsec Labs’ initial customer engagement, delivered through a select product demonstration program, has yielded very positive feedback and has reinforced the market need for a comprehensive NAS management solution. Early critique reinforced that the Parsec HyperQ addresses multiple including accelerated access to data, data migration and expansion, and reduction in overall storage space and resonates well across all business sectors.  Furthermore, the Parsec Labs HyperQ furthers the life of customer's existing NAS, resulting in unprecedented cost and management savings. 
According to demonstration participant Mark Blais, CIO, of Questar “The HyperQ makes NAS viable again.”
 “Drawing from my 20 years in the industry, I knew NAS needed a makeover to amplify its value to small and midsized business," said Angerer. The HyperQ stands apart in the industry because of the robust features it provides, paired with the service model to provide the smartest and most valuable NAS storage management solution on the market.  The Parsec solution will optimize NAS access in remote and branch offices simultaneously providing a Cloud archive offering.  There’s just no one ‘right’ way to use it."
Parsec Labs is also planning a strategic free service offering to targeted businesses that will allow them to use components of the service without the usage of the HyperQ box.  The HyperQ Scanner and the Application Accelerator will allow customers to get a profile of their existing files and to speed up access to applications.  Details and user opportunity to be rolled out in the second quarter of 2014.
Parsec Labs LLC is a Minneapolis technology provider or subscription based network storage solutions.  Founded in 2013, they are working to launch their business applications and IT & Internet infrastructure solutions to the business market in the second half of 2014.  For more information, please visit or  Follow them on Twitter @parseclabs.

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