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Memorial Service Planned for September 27 for Minnesotan Man Who Died From Ebola

September 26, 2014
Memorial Service Planned for September 27 for Minnesotan Man Who Died From Ebola


Memorial Service Planned for September 27 for Minnesotan Man Who Died From Ebola
Widow Decontee Kofa Sawyer to launch the Kofa Foundation to eradicate Ebola and assist families left behind from victims of infectious disease.
Coon Rapids, Minn - Decontee Kofa Sawyer will hold a memorial service for her late husband Patrick Sawyer at the Brookdale Christian Center (6030 Xerxes Ave. N., Brooklyn Center, MN) at noon on Saturday, September 27, 2014.  A non-denominational Christian service will begin at noon with a reception and the launch of the Kofa  Foundation to follow downstairs.  Open to the public, Kofa Sawyer encourages attendees to contribute financially to the Foundation and/or bring sterile medical supplies such as gloves, masks, & hand sanitizer to the reception.  The supplies will be donated to her Foundation's partner Global Health Ministries who will airlift these Ebola fighting supplies to Liberia. 
Sawyer was the first American citizen to die of Ebola. Sawyer, a diplomat with the Liberian Ministry of Finance had been based in Liberia due to his work in economic development within the region.  He contracted Ebola while care taking his sister who, unbeknownst to him, also had the disease.  He passed away on July 24, 2014.  He had planned to travel in August to see his family in Coon Rapids and celebrate his daughters' birthdays. 
"Patrick was excited to meet Bella (his youngest daughter of three) for the first time.  His loss is devastating to the Liberian community both in Minnesota and in Africa because of the crucial work he did as a diplomat.  I too mourn this loss and grieve more so for my daughters who will never have their father in their life," said Kofa Sawyer.  "I'm creating a non-profit foundation with a goal of eliminating Ebola while offering resources for those left behind of those that die of infectious diseases.  My foundation's mission is to provide family and loved ones that feel ostracized and lonely, the assurance and resources needed to believe that it is not their fault, and they are not alone."
The Kofa Foundation ( is a non-profit organization with a mission of eradicating the Ebola virus.  With a focus on the victims of Ebola and other infectious disease the Foundation will provide:
·        Mental health counseling
·        Emergency funding
·        An educational fund for the kids of parents that die from infectious disease

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