Sterling Cross Communications News at Sterling Cross Communications Tue, 21 Oct 2014 02:01:49 -0500 Zend_Feed_Writer 1.10.2 ( October 25th Minnesota Blogger Conference Offers New Leveled Learning Offerings for Business and Lifestyle Bloggers Mon, 10 Feb 2014 15:17:20 -0600  

October 25th Minnesota Blogger Conference Offers New Leveled Learning Offerings for Business and Lifestyle Bloggers
Who:                Bloggers of all levels – beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Marketing & advertising folks are also welcome to attend.
What:               5th Annual Minnesota Blogger Conference.
The MN Blogger Conference, is a full-day educational conference for professional and hobbyist bloggers. Keynote speakers, featured guests, and panelists elevate the local blogging community by sharing industry news, best practices, and networking opportunities.
When:              Saturday, October 25, 2014 9AM - 5PM
Where:             St. Catherine University, St. Paul 2004 Randolph Ave St Paul, MN 55105
Why:                Blogging is not a static communication tool – it is ever-evolving and closely interlinked with changes in the social media space. The MN Blogger Conference offers attendees the opportunity to learn and grow by pulling together expert speakers & panelists for a full day of education. Beginner, intermediate, and advanced sessions will be available at this year’s event.
Dan R. Morris (@DanRMorris) – Keynote Speaker
Lee Wolfe Blum (@Blumlee) – Building Your Blog as a Platform for Book Sales
Kristen Brown (@happyhoureffect) – Pitch Yourself for Exposure & Growth: 5 ways to connect with media & event planners to build your audience
Adam Dince (@adamdince) – Google & People-Friendly Blogging
Jeff Ferrazzo (@JeffreyFerrazzo)- Engagement Marketing: Building relationships that drive blogging success
Pete Goddard (pete_paco) – RedCurrent: Telling stories about time
Tai Goodwin (@TaiGoodwin) – Visual Marketing
Erica Hanna (@MeetErica) – Vlogging: Confessions of a media professional
Katie Konrath (@katiekonrath) – Blogging For The Brain
Rachel Martin (@finding_joy) – Session Title to be Announced
Lee Odden (@leeodden) – Blogs as a Marketing Tool: How to be the “Best Answer”
Nick Rosener (@nickrosener)- Targeting: Grow Your Blog by Knowing Your Audience
James Svoboda (@Realicity) – Search Engine Marketing for Bloggers
Christoph Trappe (@ctrappe) – Blog Scheduling
Memorial Service Planned for September 27 for Minnesotan Man Who Died From Ebola Fri, 26 Sep 2014 12:59:11 -0500  

Memorial Service Planned for September 27 for Minnesotan Man Who Died From Ebola
Widow Decontee Kofa Sawyer to launch the Kofa Foundation to eradicate Ebola and assist families left behind from victims of infectious disease.
Coon Rapids, Minn - Decontee Kofa Sawyer will hold a memorial service for her late husband Patrick Sawyer at the Brookdale Christian Center (6030 Xerxes Ave. N., Brooklyn Center, MN) at noon on Saturday, September 27, 2014.  A non-denominational Christian service will begin at noon with a reception and the launch of the Kofa  Foundation to follow downstairs.  Open to the public, Kofa Sawyer encourages attendees to contribute financially to the Foundation and/or bring sterile medical supplies such as gloves, masks, & hand sanitizer to the reception.  The supplies will be donated to her Foundation's partner Global Health Ministries who will airlift these Ebola fighting supplies to Liberia. 
Sawyer was the first American citizen to die of Ebola. Sawyer, a diplomat with the Liberian Ministry of Finance had been based in Liberia due to his work in economic development within the region.  He contracted Ebola while care taking his sister who, unbeknownst to him, also had the disease.  He passed away on July 24, 2014.  He had planned to travel in August to see his family in Coon Rapids and celebrate his daughters' birthdays. 
"Patrick was excited to meet Bella (his youngest daughter of three) for the first time.  His loss is devastating to the Liberian community both in Minnesota and in Africa because of the crucial work he did as a diplomat.  I too mourn this loss and grieve more so for my daughters who will never have their father in their life," said Kofa Sawyer.  "I'm creating a non-profit foundation with a goal of eliminating Ebola while offering resources for those left behind of those that die of infectious diseases.  My foundation's mission is to provide family and loved ones that feel ostracized and lonely, the assurance and resources needed to believe that it is not their fault, and they are not alone."
The Kofa Foundation ( is a non-profit organization with a mission of eradicating the Ebola virus.  With a focus on the victims of Ebola and other infectious disease the Foundation will provide:
·        Mental health counseling
·        Emergency funding
·        An educational fund for the kids of parents that die from infectious disease
Saving Grace - a Night of Hope Celebrates its 10th Annual Fundraising Event Providing Education & Resources on Preeclampsia Thu, 14 Aug 2014 12:57:24 -0500  

Saving Grace - a Night of Hope Celebrates its 10th Annual Fundraising Event Providing Education & Resources on Preeclampsia
Originating in Minneapolis, the national Preeclampsia Foundation is happy the event has come home.
Who:                Preeclampsia Foundation (
What:               Saving Grace - a night of hope fundraising event - Goal is to raise $250,000
When:              September 12, 2014                                                                                                                                                       5:00 PM VIP Reception/6:00 PM Silent Auction/7:30PM Dinner and Program
Where:             The Depot Minneapolis - 225 South 3rd Avenue Mpls 55401
Who:                Event Founder/Mother of Grace Jaime Nolan will host the night. Tim Mahoney to                                                 provide entertainment. Jaime's story details here
Why:                Preeclampsia is a life-threatening disorder that occurs only during pregnancy and                                                 the postpartum period. In the U.S., a woman is diagnosed with severe                                                              preeclampsia every 6 minutes.
  • Worldwide, preeclampsia claims the lives of an estimated 500,000 babies and 76,000 mothers each year.
  • Preeclampsia accounts for 15-20% of the 13 million premature births worldwide.
  • Half of all pregnant women do not know the warning signs of preeclampsia.
  • The cause, and therefore a cure, still eludes the medical community.
The Preeclampsia Foundation is a non-profit resource that reduces maternal and infant illness and death due to preeclampsiaHELLP syndrome, and other hypertensive disorders of pregnancy by providing patient support and education, raising public awareness, catalyzing research and improving healthcare practices. 
Money raised at event will go towards the following initiatives:
Educate, support and empower women – and their friends and loved ones - on the warning signs, long term consequences and medical understanding of preeclampsia, including their need to get timely, appropriate care.
  • 700 active volunteers trained in awareness-raising, patient support and education, including online forum moderators
  • 2,250 stories shared by survivors and/or their family members
Increase public awareness of preeclampsia, including raising global attention on this devastating maternal-fetal health issue.
Enable professional training, resources and research to improve the clinical practices of health care providers.
  • 140,000 patient education brochures and materials distributed to clinics, health centers, and provider offices
  • 500 health care providers educated through in-person and online CME/CEU courses and symposia over the past three years
Fund and advocate for research and improved policies to meet critical gaps in scientific knowledge and inspire new thinking.
FutureDude Studios’ Jeffrey Morris to Appear and Promote Brainstorm #1 at the 2014 San Diego Comic Con Tue, 22 Jul 2014 14:58:12 -0500 FutureDude Studios’ Jeffrey Morris to Appear and Promote Brainstorm #1
at the 2014 San Diego Comic Con

San Diego, Ca. – FutureDude Entertainment announced today that Founder and CEO, Jeffrey Morris will appear at the 2014 San Diego Comic Convention to promote the recent launch of the company’s first comic book title, Brainstorm. Morris will be appearing Thursday, July 24th to Sunday, July 27th at the booth for The Source Comics & Games from St. Paul, Minnesota (Booth #4423).

Brainstorm (ISBN 978-1942034-00-1) is a six-issue mini-series. The story follows a young scientist named Dr. Cale Isaacs who has created Project Zephyr – a successful weather control system that, after being funded by the U.S. Military, is eventually confiscated and used on a tropical storm.

When the test goes awry, the resultant hurricane grows to epic and unfathomable proportions – eventually encompassing the Northern Hemisphere. As it evolves, it appears to act out of self-preservation and even strike with purpose – becoming a raging sentient superstorm. Brainstorm will be available to the public on August 27th.

Jeffrey Morris is excited to be making his first appearance at Comicon during this exciting time for FutureDude Entertainment. He spoke about the event, “There is no better place in the world to connect with genre fans. Our content is set to explode and truly redefine science fiction as we know it. I’m thrilled to begin sharing our stories with the world.”

Brainstorm will be followed by the launch of a second comic title from FutureDude Entertainment entitled Parallel Man (ISBN-13: 978-1-942034-01-8). Parallel Man is a 7-issue comic book mini-series, mobile device video game, deck-builder game, and animated short film. The story follows Commander Nick Morgan — an intelligence agent from an evil version of America in an alternate universe. His government, known as The Ascendancy, has attacked and enslaved twelve other Earths and has its sights set on our world as their next target.

The Parallel Man: Invasion America comic book series will debut October 8th. It will be proceeded by Parallel Man: Infinite Pursuit animated short starring the voices of John Cho, Lance Reddick, and Ming-Na Wen.
FutureDude Entertainment also has one additional project in the works for the remainder of 2014. Oceanus is live-action short-film that will be directed by Morris in Hollywood in October. The futuristic story follows a pair of married scientists from underwater city who face the aftermath of a terrifying global disaster. The completed project will enter the international film festival circuit throughout 2015 and serve as proof-of-concept for a larger feature film.

About FutureDude Entertainment
FutureDude Entertainment is a transmedia production company that delivers innovative and disruptive sci-fi entertainment products. We take advantage of today’s amazing creative technologies while using a thoughtful and reasoned approach similar to that of the 1960s and 70s. For more information, please visit, or visit us on Facebook at

Jayman Modus Homes Launches Groundbreaking Augmented Reality Technology to Bring Multi Family Homes into the Third Dimension Tue, 07 Oct 2014 16:03:04 -0500  

Jayman Modus Homes Launches Groundbreaking Augmented Reality Technology to Bring Multi Family Homes into the Third Dimension
Calgary, Alberta – Jayman Modus announced today the launch of their new digital application, the Modus Matrix Augmented Reality and Next Generation Touchscreen. 
Modus Matrix is a free mobile application ( that allows users to take 3D virtual tours of new townhome/condominium communities before they are built. Utilizing Augmented Reality software to create these virtual models, users can visualize their new townhome/condo community complete with architectural details, landscaping and interior panoramas from their tablet or mobile device.  
The Modus Next Gen Touchscreen is in essence a complete virtual library of all community and company information including brochures, videos, floor plans and more which can all be sent immediately to an email or mobile device via text messaging. This and the "live to the second" social media feeds, product availability and mortgage calculator truly deliver the potential of next generation technologies into the homebuilding market.
“With 89% of Smartphone users searching online to make purchasing decisions the need for a digital tool is imperative,” reports Sandi Serr, Project Marketing Specialist.  “Our customers are keen to educate themselves about their potential homes and it's our responsibility to ensure that knowledge is readily available and easy to access."
Features of the Modus Matrix digital application for phones and tablets include:
  • Geo-location component allows users to walk onto the site and see the community and its buildings full scale - complete with landscaping. To our knowledge, this is the first time this has been accomplished.
  • Ability to do a virtual walkthrough of a fully landscaped project inside and out by simply scanning a marker found in magazine, ad, business card or marker downloaded from
  • View entire community project, floor plans and panoramic views seen in 3D virtual space before it's built - wherever you are.
Features of the Touchscreens located in the Modus sales centres include: 
  • Comprehensive live to the second information that communicates real time townhome/condo availability and social media updates.
  • Comprehensive library of all Modus company and product details.
  • "Send it to me" feature allows aforementioned product & company information to be transferred via email and SMS (text messaging) to any number of devices allowing consumers to leave the sales centre with everything they need without carrying a stack of printed material.
  • Built in mortgage calculator allows customers to determine their qualifying income on the spot.
Jayman Modus 
Jayman Modus is an award winning builder of new multifamily townhomes and condominiums.  As a division of one of Alberta's largest builders, Jayman, their industry-leading approach has resulted in an entirely new standard of homebuilding. For more information, please visit, or visit us on Facebook
Parsec Labs LLC Launches Customer Alpha Program Providing Total Network Attached Storage (NAS) Management Service Mon, 14 Apr 2014 13:27:24 -0500  

Minneapolis, MN - Walter Angerer, CEO of Parsec Labs LLC, announced today they have identified a select national group of small and midsized businesses that will engage in an Alpha Program to test and evaluate the inaugural NAS optimization product, the Parsec HyperQ. The company has a planned full product launch in Q3 of 2014. 
Parsec Labs’ initial customer engagement, delivered through a select product demonstration program, has yielded very positive feedback and has reinforced the market need for a comprehensive NAS management solution. Early critique reinforced that the Parsec HyperQ addresses multiple including accelerated access to data, data migration and expansion, and reduction in overall storage space and resonates well across all business sectors.  Furthermore, the Parsec Labs HyperQ furthers the life of customer's existing NAS, resulting in unprecedented cost and management savings. 
According to demonstration participant Mark Blais, CIO, of Questar “The HyperQ makes NAS viable again.”
 “Drawing from my 20 years in the industry, I knew NAS needed a makeover to amplify its value to small and midsized business," said Angerer. The HyperQ stands apart in the industry because of the robust features it provides, paired with the service model to provide the smartest and most valuable NAS storage management solution on the market.  The Parsec solution will optimize NAS access in remote and branch offices simultaneously providing a Cloud archive offering.  There’s just no one ‘right’ way to use it."
Parsec Labs is also planning a strategic free service offering to targeted businesses that will allow them to use components of the service without the usage of the HyperQ box.  The HyperQ Scanner and the Application Accelerator will allow customers to get a profile of their existing files and to speed up access to applications.  Details and user opportunity to be rolled out in the second quarter of 2014.
Parsec Labs LLC is a Minneapolis technology provider or subscription based network storage solutions.  Founded in 2013, they are working to launch their business applications and IT & Internet infrastructure solutions to the business market in the second half of 2014.  For more information, please visit or  Follow them on Twitter @parseclabs.
Feed My Starving Children to Host Fully Invested Lenten Packing Sessions Mon, 14 Apr 2014 15:45:17 -0500  

Coon Rapids, Minn - Feed My Starving Children today announced the three Lenten dates they will offer Fully Invested meal packing sessions for those interested in making a $50 donation. This fee covers he price of ingredients for one box of food -- the average amount per person produces in a packing session.
As a Christian-based charitable organization, Feed My Starving Children had traditionally closed on holidays like Easter to observe the religious event. This year following the success and satisfaction found at last year's invested session, they will continue the holiday tradition and offer an additional packing option on the first Sunday of Lent.
Who:                Feed My Starving Children
Where:             401 93rd Avenue NW, Coon Rapids, MN 55433
                        18732 Lake Drive East, Chanhassen, MN 55317
                        990 Lone Oak Road, Suite 136, Eagan, MN 55121
When:                 ·        First Sunday of Lent, March 9 from 1PM to 3PM
                          ·        Good Friday, April 18 from 9:30AM to 11:30AM
·        Holy Saturday, April 19 from 9:00AM to 11AM
How:       or day of event via cash, check or credit card.
Cost:                $50.00 Only Fully Invested Sessions require a fee - all other volunteer activity taking place year round, six days a week requires packers be 5 years and older. Groups may do creative fundraising ahead of time. Visit for volunteer resources.
“During Lent, Christian believers often set aside time to prepare their hearts for Easter and reflect on the life of Jesus Christ, who paid the ultimate sacrifice for us,” said Mark Crea, Executive Director and CEO of Feed My Starving Children. “These special sessions are a way to honor His message of caring for those in need by giving our time and treasure.”
About Feed My Starving Children
A Christian non-profit founded in 1987, Feed My Starving Children tackles world hunger by sending volunteer-packed, nutritious meals to nearly 70 countries, where they're used to operate orphanages, schools, clinics and other building blocks of healthy communities. Last year, 657,000 volunteers produced 163 million meals. FMSC has maintained the highest four-star rating from Charity Navigator for eight consecutive years and spends 92% of total donations directly on feeding the hungry.
Bonfire Announces New Culinary Director/Executive Chef Mon, 14 Apr 2014 16:02:27 -0500  

Len Ghilani, Bonfire VP of Operations, today announced Mitch Wachman is the new Executive Chef/Culinary Director for the six Twin Cities Bonfire Wood Fire Cooking restaurants. Bringing over 25 years of culinary and hospitality experience, Wachman will roll out a new menu on May 1, 2014 in the refreshed setting of the Grand Avenue (850 Grand Avenue St. Paul, MN 55105) restaurant location.
Prior to his role with Bonfire, Wachman held executive positions at Champp's Americana, Granite City Food and Brewery, in addition to owning his own restaurant. Wachman explained, "Having worn every hat in the hospitality business allows me to keep an on eye on costs and a hand in creating and executing a delicious menu. My goal is to give our diners incremental changes to existing menu items and introduce a few new radical flavor profiles to provide a range of tantalizing food and distinct specials to keep people coming back for more."
Ghilani added, "To roll out our bold new menu and dining environment we needed a culinary leader that has the cooking chops combined with hospitality business expertise. Chef Mitch provides this to our family of restaurants along with a commitment to embrace elements of what has made Bonfire great as we heat up new dining elements that focus on making Bonfire the Twin Cities premier gathering destination."
In response to customer feedback, Bonfire is refreshing it’s offerings as well as reintroducing guest favorites. Dueling pianos has been brought back to Grand Avenue and Savage locations and we reinstituted the popular happy hour that offers half off appetizers and pizza twice a day. The menu (available upon request) is reintroducing long standing favorites such as Walleye Fingers and Southwestern entrees while creating bold new items such as House Recipe Char Wings, Big Texas Rib Eye, Cedar Plank Salmon, Sauvignon Basil Penne, Chimichangas, and Skillet Carnitas.
Bonfire Wood Fire Cooking is a family owned company based in Minnesota since 1996. Known for their open wood fire cooking ovens and showcase pizza stations, they have six locations around the Twin Cities metropolitan. For more information, please visit
Kitchen Window to Host 2014 Grill Expo- Firing Up Current Trends in Technology and Technique Mon, 14 Apr 2014 14:49:15 -0500  

What:              Grill Expo – Seminars, Demonstrations, Tastings, Mini Clinics, Meet and Greet with Grill Manufacturers, Exclusive Sale on Grills and Grill Accessories
When:             Saturday April 12 & Sunday April 13 from 10 AM – 4 PM
Where:            Calhoun Square
3001 Hennepin Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55408
Cost:                Free
                - specifics at

ON-GOING MINI-CLINICS - 10 am-4 pm - No registration required

  • Test Drive – Choose a grill, pick a meat, and test a grill
  • Artisan Pizza – Learn to create old-world style pizza outdoors
  • Jamaican Jerk – Bring the true flavor of Jamaica home
  • Homemade Sausage - From grind to smoke
  • Smoker Comparison - Learn about different styles of smokers and taste the results from each smoker
  • Salt Slab Grilling - Hottest trend in outdoor cooking
  • Barbecue Sauce Sampling Bar – Sample a variety sauces
  • Pronto Pizza Oven – Learn about the Pronto Outdoor Pizza Oven and sample pizzas made in this portable oven
  • Thermometers – Learn about thermometer technology and how thermometers can help you be a better griller.
  • Cherith Valley – Sample Salsas, Mustards & Pickles
  • Big Green Egg – Learn about the versatility of ceramic cookers
  • Pulled Pork Sliders – Grab some lunch! Two sliders for $5.00
  • Memphis Pellet Grills – Learn about pellet grills and sample a variety of items cooked on the Memphis Grills
Feed My Starving Children Already on the Ground with Food Relief After Typhoon Haiyan hits the Philippines Mon, 11 Nov 2013 16:46:23 -0600  

Feed My Starving Children Already on the Ground with Food Relief
After Typhoon Haiyan hits the Philippines
Organizations Distributing FMSC Meals Are Requesting Additional Supply
Minneapolis, Minn., Nov. 11, 2013 – At least half a million MannaPack™ meals from Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) are already being distributed to Typhoon Haiyan survivors in the Philippines, and an additional 2.5 million meals have been requested by humanitarian organizations working in the region. The Philippines is the third-largest recipient of meals from Feed My Starving Children on an ongoing basis.
A Christian non-profit based in Minnesota, FMSC donates its hand-packed, dehydrated meals to a global network of humanitarian and mission organizations. Three of those distributors—Risen Savior Missions, International Care Ministries, and Convoy of Hope—have staff and programs in the Philippines, and use MannaPack meals in ongoing hunger relief and community development work.
“With three partners working in the Philippines every day, our food can quickly get where it’s needed most when disaster strikes,” says Matt Muraski, Director of International Programs for Feed My Starving Children. “All three partners are mobilizing their meal inventories for this disaster, and two of them—Convoy of Hope and Risen Savior Missions— have asked us to ship at least nine additional cargo containers, or 2.5 million meals, as soon as possible.”

Muraski says he expects the requests to climb as partners of FMSC assess the need. Typhoon Haiyan roared through the central Philippines for 48 hours over the weekend, reportedly killing 10,000 people, leaving 600,000 displaced, and destroying rice and coconut crops that will take months, if not years, to replace.
“Not only is there an urgent need for short-term food relief, but also for long-term supplies as Filipinos rebuild their local food sources,” says Muraski. “For months to come, Feed My Starving Children will need volunteer meal-packers and generous donors to meet increased need in the Philippines, while continuing to serve nearly 50 other nations where we have promised meals this year.”

Feed My Starving Children is a Christian non-profit based in Minnesota that produces three meal formulas scientifically developed to reverse and prevent malnutrition. All meals are packed by volunteers at sites in Minnesota, Illinois, and Arizona, and at MobilePack events across the United States.
FMSC receives no government support or donated ingredients, so private donations are needed to fund all meals at 22-cents each. Donors may give online to the Philippines relief effort at

Volunteers may sign up at to pack meals in Minnesota (Coon Rapids, Chanhassen and Eagan); in Illinois (Aurora, Schaumburg, and Libertyville) and in Arizona (Tempe).
About Feed My Starving Children
A Christian non-profit founded in 1987, Feed My Starving Children tackles world hunger by sending volunteer-packed, nutritious meals to nearly 50 countries each year, where they're used to operate orphanages, schools, clinics and other interventions in poverty. In the most recent fiscal year, FMSC welcomed 657,000 volunteers to produce 163 million meals. FMSC has maintained the highest four-star rating from Charity Navigator for eight consecutive years and spends 92% of total donations directly on feeding the hungry.